November 23rd, 2017

Here is a compilation of the common misconceptions about cloud computing you should not believe any more. Do you think cloud computing is riskier? Do you believe that cloud computing is expensive? Or your prejudice says that cloud is too complex to understand.

Cloud Computing Myths

It means that you are still believing in misconceptions associated with the cloud computing. Well, you are not alone as many businesses are still unclear about what cloud technology is.

Cloud computing is a practice to store, process and manage data over Internet (virtual environment), rather than a local server or a PC. This way, it helps you save money and time on purchasing equipment, hiring and training staff to accommodate the data.

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To make the most of the cloud computing, you need to stop believing the misconceptions about cloud computing given below.

Top 6 Cloud Computing Myths:

Myth#1: Cloud Computing is Not Safe:

Many businesses shy away from cloud just because of the baseless security concerns. For example, they fear that their data won’t be safe over the cloud as it is away from their premises. However, this is not true. Generally, a cloud vendor will have data encryption functionality and security procedures in place to ensure data security. Besides, cloud vendor backup your important data.

In fact, the cloud has proactive data security than those in your workplace. For example, your physical servers and HDDs are prone to damage, burglary and natural disasters. But data stored over Cloud is away from such risks, given that it is stored in the virtual environment over the Internet.

Myth#2: Cloud is Expensive:

Switching to cloud computing won’t hurt your budget. A cloud vendor provides services according to your requirements and budget as well. The cloud services are flexible and allow you to scale up or down as per your business growth. They are usually based on pay per use model, meaning that you can use them as long as you want the services. As an added bonus, cloud computing helps you save money on operational costs and staffing.

Myth#3: Cloud is Only for Tech Companies:

Anyone can use cloud services, no matter if you are a tech company or a retail store. It helps businesses, regardless of their size and type, achieve operational excellence with accessibility, flexibility, and ease of collaboration.

Myth#4: One Size Fits All:

Cloud is flexible, modular and keeps pace with your productivity, making it efficient to cater different business needs. Therefore, it shouldn’t be assumed as “one fix tool” to accommodate all requirements. Instead, it is a tool that should be capitalized and improvised, based on the types of services it offers and the types of services you require.

Myth#5: Cloud Improves Business Productivity:

It is ridiculous to think that cloud boosts your sales or increases your revenue. Instead, the cloud computing can be a way to achieve productivity. It just reduces your expenditure, time and hassles associated with the operations. You can use saved time and money on the core competencies of your business, creating an opportunity for the growth. And it requires you to plan the cloud services according to your needs. Then, your employees should be trained and educated on the right use of the cloud technology.

Myth#6: Cloud is Too Complex:

Cloud computing sounds purely technical or something associated with computer coding or machines. This is why many people think that operating cloud is beyond their basic computer knowledge. But the truth is that anyone can use cloud computing. Today’s cloud computing services are equipped with user-friendly features for storing and accessing the data. For example, you can store the data using “drag and drop” option. If you want to recover the data, just log in to your account and click on the menu bar for that option.

So these are some common misconceptions about cloud computing you should not believe anymore.