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FISMA or the Federal Information Security Management ACT is a set of information security guidelines for all government agencies and government contractors. It is also known as Title III of the E-Government Act of 2002.

Information Security Management Services- Fisma

FISMA is designed to improve the security posture of government agency and their sub-contractors/vendors.

The federal law requires all federal agencies, bureaus and supporting entities like vendors and subcontractors adhere to a compliance standard prescribed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in their information and technology policies.

Any government agency or sub-contractor to federal government must follow the FISMA guideline in order to protect their information system.

Why FISMA Compliance is Essential?

FISMA compliance is mandatory for government contractors and those pursuing federal contracts. Even though your company may not be working with government agencies, getting FISMA certification will indirectly benefit your business as it projects the strong IT security controls in place.

How Secure Technologies Helps You Achieve FISMA Compliance?

Secure Tech is an experienced IT partner of several government agencies across the nation. We help government bodies, federal contractors and businesses achieve and maintain compliance with FISMA guidelines and laws.

At Secure Technologies, we offer assessment, development, consulting and monitoring solutions that help you meet the requirements set by FISMA. Secure Tech has helped many companies and agencies get FISMA accreditation from CMS, NIH, DOT and more.

Our FISMA Compliance Services Help You…

  • Prepare effective risk management solutions by incorporating security into your IT frameworks.
  • Develop a strategic plan to create a secure compliance program.
  • Maintain the standard in policies and procedures required by FISMA compliance.
  • Understand the requirements essential for creative or evaluating solution for the compliance.

What Our FISMA Compliance Services Cover?


We help you repair security vulnerabilities discovered during your audit. Besides, we assist you in incorporating physical, administrative and technical safety measures and demonstrate you how to imply the best practices that will help you achieve full compliance.

Risk and Vulnerabilities Assessment:

We discover the vulnerabilities and design flaws/gaps in your applications or program. In this way, we help you secure the design, development and incorporation of your programs. It will save you time and money in the long run.

Advisory and Risk Assessment Services:

We conduct audits and assessments for FISMA, HIPAA, ISO, SSAE and more. This step will cover security controls associated with perimeter security, network security, server security and administrative security. We also address the controls for data management, backup and incident response.

Why Choose Secure Tech’s FISMA Compliance Services?

  • Unparalleled customer service to ensure smooth and stress free process.
  • Experienced team of professionals for an organized audit.
  • Customized FISMA solutions to meet your unique needs.
  • Highly accurate and non-disruptive services.
  • Proactive and measurable security program

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