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How Does RMF Work?

The Risk Management Framework or RMF is a structured process to identify the cyber security risks and take action to monitor and mitigate them. For this purpose, it has been categorized into six crucial components given below:

Step 1: Categorization of Information System.

Step 2: Selection of Security Controls Based on the Info Categorization

Step 3: Implementation of Selected Security Controls

Step 4: Valuation of Security Controls Regarding Implementation, Operation and Outcome

Step 5: Authorization of Security Controls Based

Step 6: Monitoring and Assessing of Implemented Security Controls

Why Risk Management Framework is Important?

The critical data of government agencies is always on the target of cyber criminals. Therefore, Risk Management Framework has been introduced to minimize the cyber threats to the federal data.

RMF is deployed for achieving following objectives…

  • To enhance information security
  • To reinforce risk management processes
  • To promote reciprocity among government organizations

Why Secure Tech for Federal Risk Management Framework Services?

Secure Tech offers cutting edge administrative and IT maintenance services to the government organizations in the USA. Being a dedicated IT services provider to government bodies, we are committed to offer smooth, integrated and practical RMF. With years of experience and comprehensive solutions, we are capable to build well-defined and mature security structure for all organizations of all types. Here are some reasons to prefer Secure Tech when it comes to planning efficient RMF strategies

  • Enabling federal agencies to meet the prescribed IT security guidelines by NIST with our customized RMF services.
  • Providing integrated RMF solutions to many federal bodies across the nation.
  • Ensuring successful completion of RMF transition no matter where you are starting from.

What our Risk Management Framework Services Include?

Our integrated and coordinated RMF solutions cover critical points like monitoring, assessing and mitigating the risks, implementing security controls and consultation. Here’s how we do that…

  • Keeping you updated with the standardizations and compliance requirements set by FedRAMP and NIST, including the artifacts, assessment, monitoring and preparation.
  • Identifying the potential threats and help you plan the strategies accordingly.
  • Helping you select the suitable security controls on the security categorization. Besides, we tailor and aid security control baseline as required according to assessment of risks and other factors.
In this way, we make sure that an organization gets full expertise from top to the bottom when it comes to planning an efficient RMF. And this translates into several benefits like reduced costs, controlled expenses, improved reporting system and above all better use of resources.

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