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Secure Technology provides secure and comprehensive cloud services to US federal, state, and local government bodies.

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At Secure Technology, we understand that what it takes to plan cloud computing solutions for government. Our cloud services being delivered to government agencies ensure safety and privacy. Apart from that,these services enhance the customer services and increase operational efficiencies.

At Secure Technology, we help government agencies get the best of both worlds.

Fast, Powerful and Affordable Cloud Computing Services for Hosting Critical Processes!

Our wide range of cloud computing services can be deployed to meet deadlines, improve data security, minimize costs, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance public services and increase innovation. It is a simple, flexible and pay-per-use model, offering access to end to end resources being managed by experienced and certified experts.

This is why our cloud services are being preferred by many important US federal agencies which are associated with defense, justice and public services.

Our wide range of cloud services include file sharing, data recovery, email, and system hosting to keep government agencies secure and up to date as well.

Why Government Agencies Should Choose Cloud Computing Services From Us?


Data related to federal agencies is downright sensitive and important. This is why we have an effective data security program in place to guard your sensitive information from both internal and external threats. We make sure that the data stored with us is accessed by ONLY government agencies and their approved partners. Besides, our every employee is verified and screened.

24/7 Access:

You can edit, share and access your data, no matter where you are and which device you are using.

Improved Public Services:

Besides taking care of your security and access, our cloud computing services help you deliver public services more efficiently and conveniently. For example, you can allow citizens to see their bills, usage, service request and other records.

Reduced IT Expenditures:

Cloud computing services are beneficial for the government organizations facing aging infrastructure, declining budget and downtimes. As everything, from storage, sharing and server is available over cloud, we help you eliminate the needs of expensive computing resources like bulk of PCs and servers.

Easy to Implement:

Our cloud computing solutions are faster to implement. All you need to create an account to subscribe our services. With such quick implementation, you save time on time consuming processes coming with hardware and software.

Latest and High Quality Services:

We strive to adapt new technology to improve our cloud services so that we live up to your expectations every time. In this way, we ensure you that you always get the best and latest with our cloud services.

What Our End to End Cloud Computing Services for Government Agencies Include?

Hosting Services:

Are you looking to have your organization-owned servers in our facility? Do you want to rent virtual servers or network devices? You want to host apps?

Our streamlined and proactive hosting services are specially designed to meet your all hosting needs.

Data Back Up and Retrieving Services:

No more worry over data loss or data th-eft!Having your critical information stored on our platform ensures you a total peace of mind in case of such risks.

Cloud Consulting Services:

At Secure Technologies, we offer cloud planning and implementations solutions letting government organizations operate more effectively and efficiently without any struggle with downtimes.

Cloud Infrastructure Services:

Cloud infrastructure services cover planning, building and managing of your organization’s cloud environments. It includes private, public and hybrid cloud services.

What Make Us Different from Other cloud computing service providers?

  • Incredible Cloud Solutions at Lower Costs
  • Scale Up or Down as Needed
  • Advance Security and Upgraded Technology
  • Advanced Monitoring System
  • Dedicated Cloud Providers to Federal Agencies
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Highly Tailored Cloud Solutions

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